RPEA Membership is ONLY $5.00 a month. That's only $60.00 a year!




RPEA is a non-profit association of retirees and active employees who are members of the California Public Retirement System (CalPERS). Our mission is important:


  • RPEA represents all public employees - classifiedschools, public agencies, and state.
  • RPEA is liaison between retirees and CalPERS.
  • RPEA is a mutual protective association for allbeneficiaries of CalPERS.
  • RPEA fights to maintain our current pension and healthcare benefits and improve these benefits every year.
  • RPEA has local chapters in your area - attend meetingsto stay informed and hear interesting speakers.

While we encourage participation in one of our 80+ chapters, most of our members participate by reading our bi-monthly newsletter, giving us feedback on their needs and enrolling in one or more of our "members only" supplemental insurance programs.

At $5.00 per month, RPEA is a bargain that is hard to resist. You need us to fight to protect your earned pensions and benefits. We need you and you to support our fight to protect our pensions and benefits.

Who We Are

RPEA has over 23,000 members; with 80+ active chapters in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon.

RPEA was founded in 1958 as an association to protect and enhance retirement benefits for all Public Employees who receive their pension or health benefits from the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

RPEA is the only statewide association representing all PERS Retirees: State, Classified School and Public Agency.

Why Join RPEA?

RPEA retains a professional lobbyist who represents our interest before the Governor, Legislators and CalPERS Board. We also have access to a federal lobbyist who keeps us informed on federal retiree issues.

RPEA continues an active and ongoing relationship with CalPERS serving on their Advisory Committee concerning CalPERS plans and proposals. We also monitor every CalPERS Committee and frequently testify at these meetings on behalf of our members.

Every RPEA member receives a bi-monthly statewide newsletter with general information and legislative, and health care updates.

RPEA offers a variety of discount programs for our members.

RPEA Structure

The General Assembly is composed of delegates from every chapter and is the governing body of the association. The authority and responsibility of the elected Board of Directors is defined in the association's Constitution, Bylaws and Policy File.

RPEA's State Board of Directors is composed of four officers, five directors (Legislation, Membership, Public Relations, Health Benefits,Member services) and nine area directors. Each area director has a number of assistant area directors who together assist some eighty-five active chapters.

RPEA was established to protect and enhance retirement benefits for its members.

RPEA's ever increasing influence in the retirement community is solely dependent on membership support.






If you are a member and need assistance with Logging into the RPEA website, please contact webmaster@rpea.com or call 1-800-443-7732.